Monday's News & Ideas - 4/12/2021

  • Religion critics on TikTok
  • Nuns have pandemic loss
  • Gender gap in religion
  • Anti-Muslim attacks on Facebook
  • Religion reporter retires
  • Recovering from burnout

A pastor’s son becomes a critic of religion on TikTok*
The New York Times: John Piper is one of the most influential theologians in America. His son Abraham calls evangelicalism “a destructive, narrow-minded worldview.”

‘How many of us will be left?’ Catholic nuns face loss, pain
Associated Press: For women whose lives are steeped in tradition and faith, the losses in the pandemic were dwarfed by the agony of not being able to make good on their long-held promise: No one dies alone.

Is the future of faith female?
Deseret News: New data says that women are more religious than men but religion experts and women say their relationship to faith is more complicated than the numbers reveal.

Civil rights group sues Facebook over anti-Muslim posts
Religion News Service: ‘Hateful, anti-Muslim attacks are especially pervasive on Facebook,’ the lawsuit alleges.

Retiring NPR correspondent looks at how religion beat has changed
NPR: After six years on the religion and belief beat -- and four decades reporting for NPR -- Tom Gjelten is retiring. He discusses how covering religion in America has changed in recent years.

The Spark

Your burnout is unique. Your recovery will be, too.
While responsibility for preventing employee burnout rests squarely on the shoulders of employers, remedying burnout once you’re suffering from it is much less straightforward, Harvard Business Review says.

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