Monday's News & Ideas - 4/15/2019

  • Muslims in American history
  • Salvation as asylum
  • Jewish-Christian friendship?
  • Benedict letter analysis
  • Two Palm Sunday parades
  • The thesaurus is good

Muslims arrived in America 400 years ago as part of the slave trade and today are vastly diverse
The Conversation: Muslims have been in America well before America became a nation.

What does salvation look like?
UnHerd: For many, escaping the grip of gangs is precisely what salvation looks like. And you can tell much about our own theology by our response to the pain of these asylum seekers.

Ending the longest war: Can the Jewish-Christian history of mutual contempt be turned to friendship?
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: If we could put down this two-millennia-long war, there might be hope for putting down socio-cultural and religious wars of shorter duration.

Pope Benedict's letter on sex abuse is not an attack on Francis (or Vatican II)
America: The intention of his text is what Benedict XVI says it is: a helpful contribution.

Re-imagining Palm Sunday: Jesus -- and Pilate -- enter Jerusalem
Baptist News Global: There are two parades on Palm Sunday -- one for Pilate and one for Jesus. The parade we choose to attend will make all the difference.

The Spark

The thesaurus is good, valuable, commendable, superb, actually
B.D. McClay writes in defense of the much-maligned reference book for The Outline.

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