Monday's News & Ideas - 4/22/2019

  • Sri Lanka attacks
  • Rabbi offers solidarity
  • What to do with evil?
  • Black evangelicals on racism
  • Earth Day for Christians
  • Feel the fog of four cities

Investigator: 7 suicide attackers behind 6 Sri Lanka blasts
Associated Press: The Easter Sunday bombings were carried out by seven suicide bombers from a domestic militant group named National Thowfeek Jamaath, a government official said.

"May Christ rise for you"
Religion News Service: Rabbi Salkin offers solidarity after the Sri Lanka attacks, "My hands reach out to my Christian friends, neighbors, colleagues and relatives. May Christ rise for you."

Easter question: What can Christians on the left and right do about the evil of our world?
USA Today: See sin for what it is -- mosque shootings, Catholic sex abuse, college admissions scandal, hate tweets -- and dare to live a new world into being, writes Amy Butler.

Can black evangelicals save the whole movement?
The New York Times: African-American spiritual leaders are talking about racism -- and some white churchgoers are listening.

Earth Day: The Christian case for embracing a hippie holiday
The Washington Post: Trees are mentioned more times in the Bible than any living thing other than God and people.

The Spark

An immersive art installation lets you see, smell and feel the toxic fog of polluted cities
The so-called "Pollution Pods," reports Quartz, are a circuit of five geodesic domes designed to give visitors the chilling experience of breathing in the air of four of the most polluted cities.

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