Monday's News & Ideas

  • CoE set to OK women bishops
  • Pope Francis said what?
  • Is evangelical morality acceptable?
  • Religion & Obama's approval ratings
  • Santo Toribio, the immigrant's saint
  • Conversation tip: turn off the Smartphone

Church of England General Synod set to approve women bishopsThe (London) Guardian: Debate on women bishops opens with a succession of former opponents announcing that they would accept the legislation even if they disagreed with it.

Did Pope Francis really tell a 90-year-old atheist journalist that 1 in 50 priests are pedophiles -- in an unrecorded 'interview'?Washington Post: Who knows? Like almost everything else about Francis's tenure, there is little precedent and not much is clear beyond the fact that we are witnessing a papacy like few others.

Is evangelical morality still acceptable in America?The Atlantic: People who disagree with same-sex marriage and birth-control use have been met with accusations of bigotry. Are some Christians being unfairly shamed out of the public sphere?

Party ties, not religious ones, drive down Obama's approval ratingReligion News Service: Most Christians don't approve of President Obama right now, but he gets high ratings from Muslims and other minority religious groups. But it's not because of their religion.

Faithful flock to see statue of Santo Toribio, the immigrants' saintLos Angeles Times: People say he's their guardian, their lawyer, their smuggler.

The Spark

Even just the presence of a Smartphone lowers the quality of in-person conversationsNew research finds having a mobile device within easy reach divides your attention, even if you're not actively looking at it, Pacific-Standard reports. If you want to have a real, face-to-face conversation with a friend, here's a suggestion: Turn off your phone, and put it in your pocket.

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