Monday's News & Ideas - 4/6/2020

  • Hate speech on Zoom
  • End times mentality
  • Warning signs
  • Clergy minister via video
  • Self-reliance myth
  • Ableism & the pandemic

Black churches, synagogues face racially abusive ‘Zoombombings’
Religion News Service: ‘Zoombombing’ is a growing trend in which online trolls exploit the sudden reliance on digital meeting platforms such as Zoom.

Did my fundamentalist upbringing prepare me for coronavirus?*
New York Magazine: If you think it feels like the end of the world, you’re not alone.

What cancer, coronavirus and climate change have in common
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: A desire to not disrupt life can lead to ignoring warning signs and deadly consequences.

In life’s last moments, U.S. clergy minister to the sick and dying via FaceTime and Zoom*
Washington Post: Clergy of all religious traditions are struggling to do some of the most challenging and most personal parts of their job in a time of new restrictions on in-person gatherings: ministering to the sick, the dying and the bereaved.

The coronavirus pandemic is exposing the myth of self-reliance
Christian Century: The people we deem invisible are holding us together right now.

The Spark

I’m disabled and need a ventilator to live. Am I expendable during this pandemic?
As medical rationing becomes a reality, “quality of life” measures threaten disabled people like me, Alice Wong writes at Vox.

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