Monday's News & Ideas

  • Leawood UMC's overhaul
  • Measuring Francis effect
  • Work ethic not just Protestant
  • Fr. Martin's new book
  • Buying onto the bestseller list
  • Teaching religion in college

Leawood's United Methodist Church of the Resurrection eyes a $90 million overhaulThe Kansas City Star: Prominent UMC church has its sights on a $90 million overhaul -- astonishing for a congregation just 24 years old and already boasting a hulk of a building that opened a decade ago.

How to really measure the 'Francis effect'CNN: Start asking around Boston and beyond and it's easy to find people eager to share how one man, in just one year, has changed their lives.

Study: Protestant work ethic isn't just Protestant anymoreReligion News Service: America's vaunted Protestant work ethic is getting a makeover: Now it might be more of an atheist work ethic.

The Rev. Jim Martin muses over merging Jesus's spiritual and historical personasThe Washington Post: The Rev. Jim Martin's new book is part travelogue, part memoir and part meditation on how one rational modern person merges biblical history with the miraculous.

Pastor reportedly buys his way onto New York Times bestseller listChristian Science Monitor: Mark Driscoll reportedly paid a firm hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure a place on the NYT bestseller list for his book.

The Spark

Colleges should teach religion to their studentsAmerican higher education is the envy of the world. But it has one glaring deficiency: it does not teach its undergraduates how to live. In the Atlantic, Marshall Poe writes that, when students feel adrift, spiritual guidance might help.

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