Monday's News & Ideas - 5/13/2019

  • Hauerwas on Vanier
  • Trump delivers for religious right
  • VP graduation speech
  • Francis on women
  • Mary as interfaith bridge
  • Poetry faintly remembered 

What we learned from Jean Vanier: On the politics of gentleness
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: The world of Jean Vanier and L'Arche is gentle. Gentleness is constitutive of any politics that would be just, writes Stanley Hauerwas.

Extreme abortion laws shine light on Trump's courting of religious right
The (London) Guardian: Evangelical backing for a thrice-married celebrity is not as odd as it seems: on abortion, the Supreme Court and more, the president keeps delivering.

Vice President Pence to graduates: Be prepared to be ridiculed for being Christian
USA Today: Pence, who has been facing criticisms of his own religious views recently, warned graduates that they have to stay strong against challenges from Hollywood, the media and the secular left.

Why does Francis' passion for justice and unity stop short of women?
National Catholic Reporter: Like popes before him, Francis believes strongly that women are not entitled to sacramental power or authority.

How Mary can be a bridge between Christians and Muslims
America: In an era when Islamophobia is on the rise, it seems especially important for Catholic Christians to know that in addition to sharing belief in the one God, Muslims also share a reverence for Mary.

The Spark

One German’s two-decade search for a poem she couldn’t quite name
Susanne Tagder writes for Literary Hub about her 20-year quest to find a poem she couldn’t fully remember.

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