Monday's News & Ideas - 5/18/2020

  • NYC churches open testing sites
  • UMC GC delayed, what now?
  • Pandemic a message from God?
  • Brooklyn nun, activist dies
  • Racism of ‘Weird Christianity’
  • Religion of QAnon

New York churches open COVID-19 testing sites in push to reach minority communities
HuffPost: Churches are being used as temporary coronavirus testing centers in an effort to bolster outreach to Black and Latinx neighborhoods.

United Methodists would’ve met this week to consider a split. What are they doing instead?
Religion News Service: Many U.S. United Methodist leaders see the delay as a blessing, allowing more time and cooler heads to consider a split.

Two-thirds of US believers see Covid-19 as message from God, poll finds
Associated Press: A poll found 31% feel strongly that God is telling humanity to change.

Remembering Georgianna Glose, a Brooklyn nun and activist
NPR: Georgianna Glose, an outspoken advocate for the poor and disadvantaged and a nun who sounded the alarm on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, died last month at the age of 73 from complications linked to the coronavirus.

The racial aesthetics of Burton's 'Weird Christians'
Sojourners: Burton’s article dances between profiling a small, conservative, predominately white enclave and making universalizing statements about Christianity and America.

The Spark

The prophecies of Q
American conspiracy theories* are entering a dangerous new phase, The Atlantic says.

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