Monday's News & Ideas - 5/6/2019

  • Rachel Held Evans dies
  • Trump talks God now
  • Quakers & theism
  • Buttigieg & religious freedom
  • Grant-writing advice
  • ‘The church is ending’

Rachel Held Evans, the hugely popular Christian writer who challenged the evangelical establishment, is dead at 37
Slate: Evans was a forceful and winsome public voice for progressive evangelicalism, first as a blogger and later as an author and sought-after speaker.

Why is Trump suddenly talking about God?
The Atlantic: The president says that faith helped him through the ordeal of the Mueller investigation.

Quakers ponder the ultimate religious question
The Economist: The least doctrinaire Christian denomination is increasingly open-minded on the ultimate religious question: whether or not there is a God.

We can protect LGBTQ people and religious freedom. Pete Buttigieg and Utah show the way.
USA Today: Advancing civil rights has always required a broad consensus, and that’s no different for LGBTQ people. We need church leaders to be part of our fight.

Avoid these grant-seeking mistakes: Advice from foundations and seasoned proposal writers
Inside Philanthropy: To improve their chances of winning a grant, foundation officers and professional grant writers say charities should avoid making these common mistakes.

The Spark

‘The church is ending’
Filmmaker Bobby Moser learned that his grandmother’s rural church is dwindling. “To put it simply, the church is ending,” Moser said. “It’s only hanging on by Pastor Earl’s will to continue.” Watch the short documentary at The Atlantic.

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