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  • Rowan: UK a post-Christian nation
  • Francis saints 2 popes
  • Kristof's Bible quiz
  • Godly progressives
  • Mormon conversions
  • Mission at Nuremberg

Former archbishop of Canterbury: We are a post-Christian nationThe (London) Telegraph: Former archbishop of Canterbury says Britain is no longer a nation of believers, as Telegraph poll reveals Christians are reluctant to express their faith.The (London) Telegraph: Wise words from Rowan Williams on Christianity in Britain

Wrapping up decades of change, conflict, Francis saints two popesNational Catholic Reporter: And just like that, 56 years of church history were wrapped up in about six minutes.

Religion for $1,000, AlexThe New York Times: With Easter and Passover freshly behind us, Nicholas Kristof wants to test your knowledge of the Bible.

The growing power of Godly progressives?The Atlantic: As the demographics of religion change in the United States, faith may have a different degree of influence than it once did.

Mormon conversions lag behind huge missionary growthThe Salt Lake Tribune: A 42 percent leap in missionaries yields a less than 4 percent increase in number of convert baptisms.

The Spark

Mission at Nuremberg: An army chaplain and the trial of the NazisWhen U.S. Army Chaplain Henry Gerecke first arrived at Nuremberg prison in November 1945, he made scarcely any impression on the Nazis who were facing trial, Religion & Politics reports. It was the victorious Allies who were judging the crimes of the Nazi leaders at Nuremberg, but it would be a pastor of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod who would try and convince them that it was really God's judgment that they should fear.

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