Monday's News & Ideas

Mark Driscoll has made a name for himself largely by poking a finger in the eye of those who promote liberal tolerance: feminists, gay advocates, and above all, theological liberals. Yet isn't it interesting that preaching a gospel of unvarnished Calvin and Edwards seems to attract post-modern seekers in Seattle?

Who would Jesus smack down?

New York Times Magazine: Seattle minister Mark Driscoll is out to transform American evangelicalism with his macho conception of Christ and neo-Calvinist belief in the total depravity of man.

Six ways to manage leadership stress

Business Week:  John Ryan, president of the Center for Creative Leadership, offers six tips on keeping the stress of leadership from turning toxic.

A rush of spiritual outreach, spirited partying

Washington Post: Seeing a spiritual nature to the Obama inauguration, DC churches and faith groups are planning activities to mark the occasion.

Associated Press: Minister chosen for inaugural prayer service

'Five Practices' book leads to church movement

United Methodist News Service: When Bishop Robert Schnase decided to write a book on congregational effectiveness and excellence, he focused on finding the right word to describe a successful congregation: It’s “fruitful.”


The Spark

For most of us, death is occasional, peripheral. We mourn loved ones, grieve for lost friends, and thank God we didn't know the person behind the police tape or in a crash on the side of the road. But for some, such as Beth Josolowitz, a pediatric hospice nurse, and Carolyn Slack, a child-mortality expert with Columbus Public Health, death is part of the job. Although they and other professionals often face humanity at its worst, they say they remain hopeful. The Columbus Dispatch begins a series examining death through the eyes of those who deal with it daily.