Monday's News & Ideas - 6/22/2020

  • Poor People’s Campaign rally
  • Church drama in Trump era
  • Comfortable Christians & protest
  • Religious stars of Instagram
  • Black Catholics want action
  • James Baldwin’s history

Poor People’s Campaign stages massive online demonstration
Religion News Service: With COVID-19 restrictions preventing an intended in-person rally in Washington D.C., at least a million supporters of the Poor People’s Campaign reportedly tuned in Saturday.

The walls of the church couldn’t keep the Trump era out*
The New York Times: A young pastor wasn’t sure his congregation would like what he had to say and had no idea where it would lead all of them. He found himself at a crossroads of God, Alabama and Donald Trump.

The problem of comfortable Christians in an age of protest
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: The nationwide protests confront us white Christians, once again, with the question: do Black lives matter to you?

‘I have more followers than the C of E’: Meet the religious stars of Instagram
The Guardian: From the priest who runs Spinning classes to the vegan preacher, how are they spreading the gospel on social media?

Black Catholics: Words not enough as church decries racism
Associated Press: Black Roman Catholics are hearing their church’s leaders calling for racial justice once again after the killing of George Floyd, but this time they’re demanding not just words but action.

The Spark

The history that James Baldwin wanted America to see
For Baldwin, the past* had always been bent in service of a lie, The New Yorker says. Could a true story be told?

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