Monday's News & Ideas - 6/3/2019

  • Catholic abuse reports rise
  • Prayers to ‘embolden’ president
  • Platt prays for Trump
  • Pagan religions resurge
  • Parsi cafes
  • Love not answer to racism

US Catholic Church reports big rise in sex-abuse allegations
AP: Allegations of child sex abuse by clerics more than doubled in its latest 12-month reporting period, and spending on victim compensation and child protection surged above $300 million.

Religious right’s Day of Prayer for Trump will embolden him to do more un-Christian things
LGBTQ Nation: Franklin Graham and other conservative ministers are asking God to “embolden” the president, even though Trump has already violated many Biblical values they supposedly embrace.

David Platt asks God to grant Trump ‘all the grace he needs to govern’
Christianity Today: The “radical” pastor prayed for the president during an unannounced stop at his suburban DC megachurch.

Soviet power gone, Baltic countries’ historic pagan past re-emerges
Religion News Service: While pagan and folk religions may seem archaic to the wider world, they are thriving across the Baltic states, mainly with young people.
BBC: How Iceland recreated a Viking-age religion

Parsi cafes, a centuries-old tradition in India, are vanishing
NPR: The cafes, founded by Zoroastrians fleeing persecution, became popular among many in the caste society because they offered a place where various parts of Indian society mingled freely.

The Spark

Ibram Kendi, one of the nation’s leading scholars of racism, says education and love are not the answer
The founder of the new anti-racism center at American University says to The Undefeated, “If the fundamental problem is ignorance and hate, then your solutions are ... education and love. But the actual foundation of racism is not ignorance and hate, but self-interest.”

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