Monday's News & Ideas - 6/7/2021

  • Going back to church?
  • Antisemitism spikes
  • Church-run school abuses
  • Pfleger holds Mass again
  • SBC meeting crossroads
  • Going gray in pandemic

Vaccines push the question: Are you going back to church?*
The Washington Post: Now that more people are vaccinated, many are pondering whether they want and are ready to go back to their pre-pandemic routines. What about worship services?

Antisemitism spikes, and many Jews wonder: ‘Where are our allies?’
NPR: During nearly two weeks of fighting, the Anti-Defamation League tracked a 75% spike in antisemitic incidents in the U.S., including brazen assaults, vandalism, harassment, and hate speech.

Pope Francis stops short of apology over deaths in ex-Catholic school in Canada
The Guardian: Pontiff fails to issue direct apology for church’s role in residential schools where children were abused.
Associated Press: Trudeau wants Vatican apology for church-run school abuses

Cleared Chicago priest holds first Mass since reinstatement
Associated Press: “It’s good to be home,” the Rev. Michael Pfleger repeatedly told congregants of the Faith Community of St. Sabina. Pfleger was cleared by an Archdiocese of Chicago investigation into claims that he sexually abused several boys decades ago. A police investigation remains open.

Southern Baptists head for annual meeting at a crossroads on race and gender
Religion News Service: In this moment of reckoning, white evangelical Protestants -- the denominational family to which Southern Baptists belong -- are increasingly out of step.

The Spark

Silver linings
The pandemic obliged -- or enabled -- many women to go gray.* They’re still reckoning with the transformation, The New Yorker says.

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