Monday's News & Ideas - 7/27/2020

  • Clergy’s new normal
  • COVID at TX church camp
  • Yoho resigns from Bread for the World
  • “White Too Long” review
  • Churches & Black Lives Matter
  • ADA turns 30

From changing lives to preaching at iPads: How clergy are coping with the new normal
Religion News Service: “We moved from snow day mentality to marathon mentality now,” said one pastor.

Hundreds of kids exposed to COVID-19 at Dallas-Fort Worth church camp, parents say*
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: The church did not answer questions about how many children tested positive for the virus or how many people were sent home with symptoms.

Yoho resigns from Christian organization following outburst against Ocasio-Cortez
HuffPost: Bread for the World, a nonpartisan group that seeks to alleviate hunger and poverty through public policy initiatives, announced Yoho’s departure in a statement on Saturday.

“White Too Long” review: How race trumped American Christianity
The Guardian: Once again the US is beset by racial strife. Its president worships a mythologized past and genuflects before statues of dead Confederate generals. This is what idolatry can look like.

Where are churches in the Black Lives Matter movement?
Deseret News: Religion was at the center of the civil rights movement. In the Black Lives Matter movement, that’s no longer the case.

The Spark

One laid groundwork for the ADA; the other grew up under its promises
As the Americans with Disabilities Act turns 30, a founder of the disability rights movement, Judy Heumann, talks to activist Imani Barbarin, born a few months after the landmark law was signed, NPR says.

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