Monday's News & Ideas

  • Religion: answer to our problems?
  • Mix-and-match spirituality
  • Church bells silent in Mosul
  • NYC's only Latin Mass to close?
  • One church thrives, another dies
  • Best song ever: G-L-O-R-I-A

Majority still says religion can answer today's problemsGallup: Fifty-seven percent of Americans say that religion can answer all or most of today's problems, while 30 percent say that religion is largely old fashioned and out of date.

The case against mix-and-match spiritualityThe Atlantic: Religious institutions force members to grapple with hard ideas, to interact with different kinds of people, and to receive the wisdom of the ages.

Church bells fall silent in Mosul as Iraq's Christians fleeThe Daily Beast: The advance of ISIS has ended over a thousand years of Christian worship in Mosul -- the latest chapter in the long decline of Christianity in the Middle East.

New York parish fears losing daily dose of 'Spiritus Sancti'The New York Times: Church of the Holy Innocents, home of the city's only daily Latin Mass, might close.

A fast-growing Verona church may replace once-popular bowling alleyWisconsin State Journal: A fast-growing church in Verona, Wisconsin, is close to finalizing plans for the purchase of a once-popular bowling alley and banquet facility that has fallen on hard times.Richmond (Ind.) Palladium-Item: After nearly 200 years, Fountain City church closes

The Spark

Dave Barry: Why Van Morrison's 'Gloria' is the best song everTo writer Dave Barry, one greatest works of music ever written -- and he includes Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in this category -- is Van Morrison's "Gloria." As he explains in the Wall Street Journal, for half a century the song has been part of the repertoire of thousands of bands sharing a passion for gritty rock 'n' roll music that does not require a ton of musicianship .

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