Monday's News & Ideas - 8/3/2020

  • Catholic schools closing
  • Liberty losing Black athletes
  • Promise Keepers comeback
  • N.T. Wright on pandemic
  • DC pastor on coronavirus
  • All I have is rage

The closure of Catholic schools is ‘devastating,’ advocates say
NPR: Across the country, at least 100 urban Catholic schools will close in the fall as a result of declining tuition revenue, and school administrators say the number could double in the next two months.

Liberty University poured millions into sports. Now its Black athletes are leaving.
Slate: Jerry Falwell Jr.’s dream of athletic domination is in peril.

Promise Keepers stages a comeback on screens instead of in a stadium
Religion News Service: 500 churches in the U.S. are planning to host public simulcasts of the virtual event, with others choosing to keep their plans private in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

N. T. Wright: The pandemic should make us humble -- and relentlessly practical
Christianity Today: In “God and the Pandemic: A Christian Reflection on the Coronavirus and Its Aftermath,” theologian and author N. T. Wright shows how Scripture speaks to our confusion and uncertainty.

D.C. pastor tests positive for coronavirus, as health officials struggle to stop its spread*
The Washington Post: The pastor of a Catholic church on Capitol Hill urged people not to “cower in fear” of the novel coronavirus.

The Spark

All I have is rage
Letting go of my anger* feels impossible when anger is all there is, David Dennis, Jr. writes at Level.

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