Monday's News & Ideas

  • Blessed are the young evangelical peacemakers
  • A man for our times: John Calvin
  • Happy 400th, Baptists!

Ban the bomb?Associated Baptist Press: The editor of the Biblical Recorder has two words for young evangelicals who are pushing the church to support nuclear disarmament: ‘Bless them.’

Calvin saw this comingUSA Today, On Religion blog: Born 500 years ago, John Calvin could teach us a thing or two about fiscal idolatry, diplomacy and democracy. But would we listen?

Twittering in church, with the pastor's O.K.Time: A small but growing number of churches are encouraging people to integrate text-messaging into their relationship with God.

Baptists mark 400th anniversaryBBC News: 400 years after the first Baptist congregation was founded, member of the Baptist Union gather in celebration.

The Spark

God talkIn his New York Times blog, Stanley Fish looks at British critic Terry Eagleton’s new book, “Reason, Faith and Revolution,” and agrees with Eagleton that belief in science could be more superstitious than belief in religion. Noting the book’s witty but increasingly angry tone, Fish offers a possible explanation: “(Eagleton) is angry, I think, at having to expend so much mental and emotional energy refuting the shallow arguments of school-yard atheists like Hitchens and Dawkins. I know just how he feels.”