Monday's News & Ideas

  • Evangelicals & psychiatry
  • Pope & politics 2016
  • Call for reunification
  • McDonald's church
  • Wealthy/homeless dinner
  • Thanksgiving & gratitude

More pastors embrace talk of mental illsThe New York Times: Evangelical pastors are working to end silence and stigma among conservative Christians around psychiatric disorders.

How will the pope play in 2016?Politico: Francis's softer brand of Catholicism kept his bishops out of the midterms -- and they're likely to tone down their message next time too.

Francis and Bartholomew issue resounding, historic calls for church reunificationNational Catholic Reporter: Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew have issued resounding and historic calls for the reunification of their global communities.

A McDonald's in a church? McMass wants to build oneLos Angeles Times: McMass project hopes to build the first McDonald's church franchise.

'When the food was passed, we all became equal': Homeless, wealthy sit side-by-side at NYC church dinnerAssociated Press: Well-off Manhattan residents paid $100 Friday to have a holiday dinner with homeless people inside Bartholomew's Church.

The Spark

Thanksgiving and gratitude: The science of happier holidaysIt's easy to get caught up in the rush of materialism, which has been shown to undermine happiness. As the Wall Street Journal reports, there's a simple antidote: Practice gratitude.

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