Monday's News & Ideas

  • Why so few ECUSA plants
  • Missionaries, heroic or foolish?
  • Herod ripped off by contractors?
  • Driscoll ousted by faith network
  • Microbes & religion
  • Life on a sailboat

Church planting Part 1The Daily Episcopalian: George Clifford suggests two factors, one demographic and the other theological, that explain why the Episcopal Church plants so few new churches.

Heroic or foolish?CNN Belief blog: Rarely has the debate over missionaries ranged as far afield of Christian circles or become as bitterly divided as it has since the American missionaries' return to the United States.

Was Herod ripped off by Western Wall builders?Haaretz: Some stones in the Western Wall are of lesser quality than others, and may indicate that the contractors of the Second Temple were not above cheating their royal client, Herod the Great.

Driscoll ousted by faith network he co-foundedSeattle Times: Acts 29 Network, an organization that helped start and build some 500 churches around the world, said Mars Hill and Pastor Mark Driscoll are no longer among its members.

The midichlorians made me do it: can microbes explain religion?The Daily Beast: A wild new paper draws on 'Star Wars' to speculate about whether microbes might cause religious behavior -- the latest in a long history of scientific attempts to pathologize belief.

The Spark

The pros and cons of living on a sailboat in the CaribbeanDavid Welsford doesn't pay rent or have a full time job. Instead, he lives on a 50-year-old wooden boat. A short documentary at the Atlantic Video blog explores Welsford's maritime lifestyle, and the sacrifices that arise along the way.

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