Monday's News & Ideas - 9/14/2020

  • BLM is not anti-God
  • Gen Z & religion
  • Pandemic homeschooling
  • Six months since virtual worship
  • China outlaws large Beijing church
  • Writers’ pseudonyms

Black Lives Matter co-founder denounces Pat Robertson for saying the movement is ‘anti-God’
Religion News Service: Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, is denouncing televangelist Pat Robertson for comments he made about the Black Lives Matter movement being “anti-God.”

Gen Z’s looking for religion. You’d be surprised where they find it
Deseret News: The latest research from Pew points in that direction with 8 out of 10 teenagers reporting that they believe “in God or a universal spirit” and 77% saying that they feel a “strong sense of gratitude” more than once a month

The pandemic has parents fleeing from schools -- maybe forever*
The Atlantic: COVID-19 is a catalyst for families who were already skeptical of the traditional school system -- and are now thinking about leaving it for good.

Closed doors, virtual services and lawsuits: Here’s how the pandemic has affected religion in Chicagoland*
The Chicago Tribune: It has been a frenetic six months for houses of worship, who’ve had to adapt to an evolving reality since the coronavirus forced most in-person services to come to a screeching halt.

China outlaws large underground Protestant church in Beijing
Reuters: Beijing city authorities have banned one of the largest unofficial Protestant churches in the city and confiscated “illegal promotional materials”, amid a deepening crackdown on China’s “underground” churches.

The Spark

Why do women write under men’s names?
From George Eliot and the Brontës to JK Rowling, women writers have often chosen to publish their work using a pseudonym. It’s time to smash the myths about why they do it, the BBC says.

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