Monday's News & Ideas - 9/16/2019

  • Tchividjian’s return criticized
  • Mental health & church leaders
  • College & Augustine
  • Emanuel pastor & AL bombing
  • Catholics against liberalism
  • LDS missionary puts football on hold

Pastor accused of sex abuse says he’s ready to preach again. Advocates aren’t so sure.
HuffPost: Tullian Tchividjian, Billy Graham’s grandson, has launched a new church. But critics say he’s misusing Christian teachings about God’s grace to give himself a pass.

Suicide of prominent pastor Jarrid Wilson forces church leaders to confront mental health
USA Today: Christian leaders across the country are grappling with how to address and help believers struggling with depression and anxiety -- including when those struggling are the ones leading the church.

What today’s college students can learn from St. Augustine
America: To get a more realistic image of what young Augustine was like, one might think of the kind of students who go to elite universities these days.

Charleston’s Emanuel AME pastor to speak at Alabama church on anniversary of 1963 bombing*
The (Charleston) Post and Courier: A book, written by a survivor of the 1963 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, gave the Rev. Eric Manning insight into how parishioners cope with traumatic events that occur within sacred walls.

Academia’s holy warriors: How a group of Catholic intellectuals is making the case against liberalism*
The Chronicle Review: Patrick Deneen’s perspective on the corrosive effects of liberal “anticulture” -- as he calls it -- is not altogether new, but it is newly ascendant.

The Spark

A different path
This elite college quarterback signee is serving as an LDS missionary 6,000 miles from home with no guarantees of football success when he returns. Deseret News has the story.

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