Monday's News & Ideas - 9/21/2015

  • The American pope
  • Pre-visit grumblings
  • Road trip to see Francis
  • Black church, a refuge
  • Web & Anglican Communion
  • Branch of medicine

The American pope
The Atlantic: Francis may be the first pontiff from the New World, but heirs to St. Peter's throne have long loomed large in the American imagination.

Why do you harden your hearts?
National Catholic Reporter: The past few days have seen a flurry of attacks on the pope and, in contrast to previous papal visits, the most vicious preemptive attacks are coming from the right.

This family is driving 1,300 miles in a VW bus to see Pope Francis
Washington Post: The road trip through 13 countries, chugging along the highway in a cramped Volkswagen bus, began on a whim.

The black church: a necessary refuge
Christianity Today: Christena Cleveland learned at age five that many US churches are unsafe for black people.

Why it was the world wide web that finally did for the Anglican communion
The (London) Guardian: Just as the world wide web opened the church up to its own divisions, so it can provide a model for a more robust ecclesiology, says Giles Fraser.

The Spark

A branch of medicine
When it comes to avoiding a heart attack, you know the drill. Exercise regularly. Don't smoke. Maintain a healthy weight. And, apparently, as Pacific-Standard reports, live in a neighborhood with plenty of trees.

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