Monday's News & Ideas - 9/30/2019

  • Jewish High Holy Days
  • Tithing over text
  • Making meaning after massacre
  • Pope laments refugee crisis
  • Metaxas interview
  • Millennials want to slow down

Universal ethical truths are at the core of Jewish High Holy Days
The Conversation: What is the significance of these holy days for orthodox Jews, secular Jews and perhaps even for non-Jews?

Tithing over text is now a multi-billion dollar industry
Christianity Today: Digital giving is boosting the church’s bottom line -- as well as companies like Pushpay and, who process the donations.

The fight to make meaning out of a massacre*
The Atlantic: Pittsburgh’s synagogue shooting was the deadliest attack on Jews on American soil. Over the past year, community members have struggled to do something constructive with their tragedy. But they have been divided on whether politics should guide their reaction.

Pope laments countries that sell weapons but refuse to take in refugees from conflicts
Crux: Over 70 million people around the world have been forced to leave their homes. Among them are nearly 25.9 million refugees

Eric Metaxas on Trump, Bonhoeffer, and the future of America
Religion News Service: The once-genial Christian author has become a full-throated supporter of the president and critic of the liberal forces he believes pose a threat to American culture.

The Spark

The sterile, efficient life of a millennial
“I’d love a dining car on the train. Or any chance to slow down,”* Rainesford Stauffer writes at The New York Times.

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