Monday's News & Ideas - 9/9/2019

  • Inside Falwell’s Liberty
  • Ex-gay movement resurge
  • Va. seminary reparations
  • Hinn renounces prosperity?
  • Secular students at religious colleges
  • Whose lost treasure?

‘Someone’s gotta tell the freakin’ truth’: Jerry Falwell’s aides break their silence
Politico: More than two dozen current and former Liberty University officials describe a culture of fear and self-dealing at the largest Christian college in the world.

The ex-gay Christianity movement is making a quiet comeback. The effects on LGBTQ youth could be devastating.*
Washington Post: Some prominent Christians are quietly trying to resurrect ex-gay Christianity, and the new incarnation is hipper and perhaps more evolved.

$1.7 million for slavery reparations fund puts Virginia Theological Seminary at forefront of debate
Episcopal News Service: The seminary’s announcement comes amid a growing national conversation over reparations as one way to atone for the American systems of slavery and segregation

Benny Hinn renounces his selling of God’s blessings. Critics want more.
Christianity Today: Observers take wait-and-see approach to televangelist “correcting” his prosperity gospel theology.

Secular Student Alliance has seen growth at religiously affiliated colleges
Religion News Service: Two roommates are starting Fordham University’s first Secular Student Alliance chapter -- one of 10 new chapters that have been started recently at religiously affiliated schools.

The Spark

A shipwreck worth billions off the coast of Cartagena
For centuries, the San José galleon lay lost on the ocean floor, but now it’s at the centre of a custody dispute says the BBC, with several parties all staking claim to its riches.

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