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Friday's News & Ideas - 1/31/2020

  • SCOTUS shifting on religion
  • NFL team involved in clergy abuse crisis?
  • Suicide places focus on conversion therapy
  • Catholics consider candidates
  • Willow Creek mentor accused
  • Lawyer who stood up to Chevron

The Supreme Court’s collapsing center on religion*
New York Times: A case over vouchers threatens to breach the wall separating church and state.

NFL’s Saints accused of helping shape clergy sex abuse list
Associated Press: The New Orleans Saints say they only did “minimal” public relations work on the area’s Roman Catholic sexual abuse crisis, but attorneys say the team’s involvement went much further.

A young woman's suicide puts focus on church's counseling for LGBT Catholics
Religion News Service: Last year, Colorado banned gay conversion therapy for minors. That ban, however, exempts religious counselors.

Listen: Catholics consider presidential candidates ahead of Iowa caucuses
NPR: A majority of working-class Catholic voters in Dubuque, Iowa, flipped from Democrat to Republican in 2016 -- for the first time since Dwight Eisenhower, NPR's Morning Edition reports. Will Democrats draw them back in 2020?

Willow Creek confirms abuse allegations against Gilbert Bilezikian
Christianity Today: “Dr. B,” an egalitarian leader and mentor to Bill Hybels, continued teaching at church for years after elders learned of his misconduct.

The Spark

How the environmental lawyer who won a massive judgment against Chevron lost everything
An attorney who has been battling Chevron for more than a decade over environmental devastation in South America was put on house arrest in August, The Intercept says.

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