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Kara K. Root: The true wisdom

Underneath and behind and inside everything is a deeper wisdom and reality, the heartbeat that keeps the whole world alive: We belong to God; we belong to each other. Let it pulse through you. Let it bring you back to life, says a Minnesota pastor in this sermon.

Leanne Van Dyk: Welcome one another

At her inauguration as president of Columbia Theological Seminary, Van Dyk said the admonition to welcome one another in Romans 15 must spur us on to deeper faithfulness to the costly and difficult work of welcome.

Making mud pies

When faced with desperate situations -- like some people in Haiti, who literally eat dirt because there is nothing else -- remember that God promises deliverance from exile and renewal in the transformation of the new creation in Christ.

Justin Morgan: It's Sunday, but Monday's coming

Work is inherently meaningful, part of what it means to be made in the image of God, says a UMC pastor. So go forth to do the work that God has given you.

Stanley Hauerwas: Recognizing Jesus

How are we to account for Simeon’s and Anna’s failure to respond to this baby as we would expect? Why do they, ignoring all suggestion of cultural convention, see this baby Jesus as God’s long-awaited salvation for Israel?