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Jason Byassee: What is Pentecost?

Pentecost says this: We are called to be the church Jesus dreams about -- one that is on fire, that speaks in other tongues, one that is a hurricane, says a pastor.

Matt Cook: Road trip spirituality

All of us remember when the church was more important and influential, and those days are probably not coming back. And as the journey of Abraham and Isaac reminds us, that has consequences for how we live out our calling, says the pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Little Rock.

Ellen F. Davis: Radical trust

What kind of God would submit Abraham to the “test” of sacrificing his son, Isaac? There are just two possible answers, and both are difficult, the professor of Bible and practical theology says.

Leadership in the wilderness

Moses’ crisis in the desert arose from an awareness that he did not have the means to meet basic needs, at least not without pain and sacrifice. His response offers some lessons for today’s challenges in higher education, says Bill Laramee.

Limping and praising

Noted scholar Richard Hays celebrates his son’s ordination with lessons for ministry from two strange texts at the beginning and the end of the Bible.