Thursday's News & Ideas - 10/1/2020

  • Young evangelicals on Trump
  • Evangelical Biden voters
  • Francis declines Pompeo meeting
  • Oregon wildfires
  • Muslims leaning Democrat
  • Blogger in lockdown

Complaints on Trump’s debate performance highlight generational divide among white evangelicals
Religion News Service: Evidence quickly mounted that Trump’s bombastic performance -- as well as his response to questions about white supremacy -- didn’t sit well with a group whose tenuous ties with the GOP have been further fractured by his presidency: younger white evangelicals.

Evangelical Biden voters straddle partisan divides
Christianity Today: Unlike most Americans, they say many of their close friends will vote differently from them in 2020.

Vatican official accuses Trump administration of exploiting pope
The Guardian: Pope Francis reportedly declined to meet Mike Pompeo during his visit this week, citing closeness of US presidential election
Religion News Service: Pompeo, on impromptu visit to Rome, warns Vatican on China deal

When the wildfires came to my house, I remembered the garden of Eden*
Christian Century: Here in Oregon, the consequences of our actions are burning all around us.

Muslims are least likely faith group to back Trump, but that support is rising, poll finds
HuffPost: The survey by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding found that Muslim Americans overwhelmingly prefer a Democrat for president.

The Spark

In lockdown, an 86-year-old blogger finds an audience and a new purpose
Writing every day for weeks on end, she appealed to readers across the world. “That’ll be my role,” she said to The New York Times. “To cheer* people up.”

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