Thursday's News & Ideas - 10/15/2020

  • Getting out the vote
  • Evangelicals faithful to Trump
  • Constance Buchanan dies
  • New arrest in Vatican scandal
  • Enrollment continues downward
  • A chef finds freedom & fair pay

What are Christians, Jews and Muslims doing to get out the vote?
Deseret News: Faith-based initiatives to get out the vote are rooted in Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions and range from phone calls, handwritten letters, and online educational events to knocking on doors.

White evangelicals are actually for Trump in 2020, not just against his opponent
Christianity Today: Polls show faithful supporters no longer see the Republican incumbent as the “lesser of two evils.”
Christianity Today: Half of Protestant pastors back Trump

Constance Buchanan dies at 73; gave women voice in religion*
The New York Times: At Harvard Divinity School, she ensured that women were represented in scholarship, the curriculum, the syllabus and in publications.

‘You cannot serve both God and money’: Vatican's financial scandal takes new twist
NPR: A financial scandal swirling around the Vatican has taken a new twist with the arrest of a woman linked to a cardinal fired by Pope Francis.

Enrollment continues to trend downward
Inside Higher Ed: Several concerning enrollment trends are holding strong as the latest, and more comprehensive, data show. Experts and advocates are particularly worried about community colleges.

The Spark

Going Sohla
After leaving Bon Appétit, the chef* now has her own show, Vulture says -- where she’s paid fairly for her fantastic creations.

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