Thursday's News & Ideas - 10/31/2019

  • Wildfire threatens churches
  • Is climate change a moral issue?
  • Christianity disappearing in Iraq and Syria
  • White women and John MacArthur
  • Embracing new life for the faith
  • Why we are obsessed with giant insects in film

Northern California congregations coordinate response to evacuations from fast-moving fire
Episcopal News Service: Clergy in churches threatened by wildfire seek to account for their congregants while making plans to close churches and and flee with their own families.
Los Angeles Times: Kincade fire creates 200,000 evacuees. ‘Who’s going to take them in?’

In climate change battle, UCSD researcher urges coalition of scientists, clergy and youth
San Diego Union-Tribune: While climate change is a scientific issue, a leading climate researcher insists it is also a moral problem.

Report: Christianity may disappear from Syria and Iraq -- a call for international intervention The 2019 study warns that Christianity is disappearing in the faith’s ancient homeland. In Iraq, the number may have fallen as low as 120,000 -- a decline of more than 90 percent within a single generation. In Syria, the size of the Christian population has fallen by two-thirds since the country’s civil war began in 2011.

Why white women should be just as angry about John MacArthur’s take on race
Religion News Service: White women were up in arms about evangelical pastor and radio host John MacArthur’s comments about a white female pastor. Why weren’t they as angry about his comments attacking diversity, intersectionality and culture? asks Rozella Haydee White.

Christianity as we know it is dying. Let’s welcome the new life ahead.
Religion News Service: For those of us who still believe that loving God and our neighbor can transform our world, the current scene represents an existential crisis. What are we to do? For me, the answer is clear: The time for herculean efforts to stave off institutional death is past. We’re going to have to start living what we say we believe and welcoming new life in radical ways, writes Amy Butler.

The Spark

Our obsession with insects in horror films says a lot about our fear of destroying the planet
Ants-ploitation movies begged audiences to consider their symbolic might: a metaphor for the potential of insignificant matters and small actions to swell and become unmanageable threats.


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