Thursday's News & Ideas - 10/8/2020

  • Faith moments from debate
  • Hagee ill with COVID-19
  • Restrictions on Brooklyn congregations
  • Barrett served as ‘handmaid’
  • College COVID dashboards
  • The price of calling the cops

The top three faith moments in the Harris-Pence vice presidential debate
Religion News Service: Among their prepared arguments, Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris discussed their differences on faith matters that Americans may be hearing about for the remainder of the campaign season.

John Hagee, prominent megachurch pastor, ill with COVID-19
ABC News: Prominent Texas megachurch pastor and conservative activist John Hagee has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Brooklyn bishop says new limits on congregation size ‘outrageous, unfair’
Crux: Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn called New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new restrictions on houses of worship “outrageous,” “unfair,” “disrespectful” and an attack on religious freedom.

High court nominee served as ‘handmaid’ in religious group
Associated Press: Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett served as a “handmaid,” the term then used for high-ranking female leaders in the People of Praise religious community, an old directory for the group’s members shows.

How transparent is your college’s COVID dashboard?
Inside Higher Ed: Many colleges created dashboards showing their COVID-19 infection and testing data. But a lack of standards for testing and reporting has made for varying levels of transparency.

The Spark

The store that called the cops on George Floyd
A teenage clerk dialed 911, Slate says. How should the brothers who own CUP Foods pay for what happened next?

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