Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Churches & new giving model
  • Art need religion?
  • House churches & megachurches
  • Megachurch with a beat
  • One army under God
  • How to say hello

Churches need a new giving modelOn Faith: Nearly 85 percent of every dollar given in the U.S. has the potential to go to churches. We just have to learn how to ask for it.

Does art need religion?Big Think: Is it possible that such Old Masters as Michelangelo were great because they lived in more religious times?

House church critiques of the megachurch: 3 ways to make it betterChristianity Today: House churches can learn from megachurches, and megachurches can learn from house churches.

Megachurch with a beat lures a young flockThe New York Times: Hillsong has become a phenomenon, capitalizing on, and in some cases shaping, trends not only in evangelicalism but also in Christian youth culture.

One army under God?The Economist: Religion and the American armed forces.

The Spark

How to say hello in AmericanAfter moving to a new city across the county, Ryan Bradley wished he had reread the etiquette book his mother gave him in high school, he writes at The Awl. Meeting lots of strangers, he realized that no one knows how to greet anyone anymore. "This is a uniquely American problem."

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