Thursday's News & Ideas - 11/12/2020

  • Post-election unity?
  • Biden’s kind Catholicism
  • Singapore arrests sect members
  • McCarrick report impacts legacy
  • Evangelical masculinities
  • Book friendships

Amid cries for church unity post-election, some Christians say ‘Not so fast’
Religion News Service: After a polarizing presidential election, Christian leaders are urging believers of all political convictions to find common ground in their faith.

Progressive Catholics hope Joe Biden will highlight the kinder side of faith
HuffPost: Biden, who will be America’s second Catholic president, is a “Pope Francis Catholic” who chooses to emphasize common-good issues, one ally said.

Singapore arrests 21 members of South Korean religious sect
Associated Press: Singaporean authorities have arrested 21 people who are thought to be connected to a secretive South Korean religious sect that was widely blamed for thousands of virus infections in that country.

Still saintly? Vatican’s new report on McCarrick may complicate the legacy of Pope John Paul II.*
The Washington Post: The report triggered questions about whether John Paul was rushed through the saint-making process, and whether the author of contemporary Catholic teaching on human sexuality didn’t understand the complex nature of the topic.

On evangelical masculinities
The Revealer: A review of “Jesus and John Wayne” and a reflection on evangelicals, masculinity, and race.

The Spark

Why I paid tenfold to buy back the rights for two of my books
Kiese Laymon writes for LitHub on the many radical possibilities of friendship forged in books.

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