Thursday's News & Ideas - 11/15/2018

  • Parker Palmer looks back
  • Racism in the church & bitterness
  • Historic support for U.S. Jews
  • Prison seminary programs
  • Aretha 'Amazing Grace' documentary
  • Wake up & dance

Quaker teacher looks at the end of life
National Catholic Reporter: In his 10th book, Quaker teacher and spiritual mentor Parker Palmer offers readers a backward view of his life and what he has learned.

How to talk about racism in the church without becoming bitter
Religion News Service: No matter how discouraging the racial conditions in the church become, bitterness is not a healthy option, says Jemar Tisby.

A historic wave of support for American Jews
The Atlantic: After a gunman killed 11 at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, hundreds of thousands of non-Jews attended Shabbat services around the world.

Seminaries partner with prisons to offer inmates new life as ministers
Religion News Service: Evangelical schools such as Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary offer inmates a free, on-site college degree if they promise they'll minister to other inmates once they graduate.

Amazing Grace review -- transcendent Aretha Franklin documentary
The (London) Guardian: The queen of soul didn't want this film of a two-night recording session in a Baptist church to be seen -- but it's a spine-tingling sensation

The Spark

To find community, wake up early and dance
Radha Agrawal, inventor of Daybreaker early-morning dance parties, wrote a book on how make more friends in an isolating world. As she writes in the Atlantic, Sarah Holder tried to follow her advice.

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