Thursday's News & Ideas - 11/19/2020

  • Catholic bishops mixed on Biden
  • Religious attack ads on Warnock
  • Teaching justice isn’t justice
  • Unity on religious freedom
  • Megachurches thinking smaller
  • Climate change & cranberries

Catholic bishops broadcast mixed messages about Biden’s victory
Religion News Service: The head of the U.S. bishops conference has taken a more cautious tone over time despite initially congratulating the president-elect on his victory.

Republicans paint Raphael Warnock as a religious radical
Politico: The control of the Senate is up for grabs in Georgia. So Republicans are taking a page from an old playbook.

Teaching racial justice isn’t racial justice*
The New York Times: There is a place for education in the fight against racism, but we shouldn’t confuse it for the fight itself.

Study finds religious freedom is an area of unity in a divided America
Deseret News: While the country is polarized on many levels, Becket’s second annual Religious Freedom Index finds that most Americans agree on First Amendment issues.

US megachurches are getting bigger and thinking smaller
Christianity Today: Church growth has corresponded with a huge jump in multisite locations and deeper engagement in small groups.

The Spark

How climate change is complicating a Thanksgiving staple
Heat waves, drought, lack of winter ice are taking a toll on cranberries,* The Washington Post says.

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