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  • Pastoral transition & megachurches
  • Protestants & politics
  • Religious war in the Mideast?
  • Pope's raffle
  • Married Jesus, again
  • Meet normal Barbie

Can a church be too big to fail?Washington Post: One of the core competencies of running a church, like running a business, should be to protect the future of your institution.

The Protestant mainline goes to WashingtonReligion & Politics: The moment when politics became inseparable from Protestant life wasn't in the 1970s, but earlier, in the 1940s, and it came not from the religious right but the religious left.

Fear of deadly 'religious war' between Jews and Muslims raised after synagogue attackWashington Post: Israelis and Palestinians expressed fear that their conflict may be moving beyond a nationalist struggle between two peoples fighting for their homelands and spiraling into a raw and far-reaching religious confrontation between Jews and Muslims.

Pope Francis to raffle off gifts to raise money for poorThe (London) Guardian: Prizes for 8 January drawing include a new Fiat Panda 4x4 with all the optional extras, a light blue racing bike and a panama hat.

5 reasons why we want to believe Jesus was marriedReligion News Service: A new claim that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married (and had kids!) has been widely dismissed by experts. But that won't be the last we'll hear of this theory. Here's why.

The Spark

She has curves and stretch marks. Meet 'normal Barbie.'She has cellulite, no makeup and a few extra pounds around the hips! Forget bony, perky and perfect Barbie, says the Washington Post. Meet "normal Barbie"!

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