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  • How to communicate & unite like Obama
  • How to vote as a new evangelical
  • How to cover war: with or without the blood?

With prayers, Obama bows to common goodNews & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.): By inviting both Rick Warren and Gene Robinson to offer prayers at this week’s inaugural festivities, President Obama was doing exactly what he said he would do: confronting liberal and conservative, gay and straight,Christian Science Monitor: The role of religion under Obama

How to communicate like Barack ObamaHarvard Business, Leadership at Work blog: An examination of President Obama’s communication tactics is essential to understanding his leadership style, and reveals useful techniques for leaders in other walks of life:BBC: A masterclass in charisma

Faith beyond his father’sNewsweek: Doug Paul grew up in the midst of the Reagan Revolution. Now he's on the other side of a yawning evangelical generation gap.

Survey: Protestants no more loyal to denomination than to toothpaste brandAssociated Baptist Press: 16 percent of Protestants exclusively loyal to one denomination; 22 percent would use only one brand of toothpaste.

The Spark

The violence network

As a Harvard Ph.D. student living in Syria, Eric Calderwood has been watching Al-Jazeera’s coverage of the war in Gaza and finds the network’s reporting biased, gruesome--and totally compelling. With its graphic portrayals of the violence of war, Al-Jazeera’s coverage is a stinging rebuke to the way we now see and talk about war in the United States, Calderwood writes in the Boston Globe. Our own CNN-style “bloodless war journalism,” he says, “is the privilege of a country far from conflict,” while Al-Jazeera takes war for what it is: a brutal loss of human life.