Thursday's News & Ideas - 1/21/2021

  • Muslim ban repealed
  • COVID memorial service
  • Not the end of QAnon
  • SBC president race
  • Biden & Catholic social teaching
  • How Trump became president

‘The nuke we survived’: American Muslims breathe sigh of relief as Biden reverses travel ban
Religion News Service: Over the last four years, more than 41,000 visa requests have been denied due to the ban.

‘To heal, we must remember,’ says Biden at COVID-19 memorial
Sojourners: As the U.S. crossed the threshold of 400,000 deaths from COVID-19, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris spoke before the inauguration at the country’s first national memorial service for coronavirus victims.

How a new religion could rise from the ashes of QAnon
The Daily Beast: If the past has taught us anything it is that failed prophecies and frustrated predictions don’t always mark the beginning of the end for radical social movements.

Two pastors join SBC president race
Christianity Today: One is known for his involvement in racial reconciliation efforts, and the other is a founding member of the anti-“woke” Conservative Baptist Network.

Catholic social teaching calls for collaboration with Biden administration on LGBTQ policies
National Catholic Reporter: Biden’s record shows he highly values Catholic social teaching, and it is in social teaching that we will find common ground.

The Spark

Donald Trump is out. Are we ready to talk about how he got in?
The temptation* to look away is strong, says Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic.

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