Thursday's News & Ideas - 1/23/2020

  • Trump to attend March for Life
  • Knowledge about Holocaust
  • Dopamine fasting & religion
  • Francis replaces critic
  • CoE’s stance on sex
  • America the debt collector

Trump to attend anti-abortion March for Life in a presidential first
CNN: The group's 47th annual march will be attended by President Trump.

Poll: What do Americans know about the Holocaust? Some, not much
Religion News Service: A new poll suggests Americans know about the Holocaust, the genocidal campaign against European Jews, but they're fuzzy on the details.
Pew Research: What Americans know about the Holocaust

Silicon Valley’s latest fad is dopamine fasting -- and that may not be as crazy as it sounds
The Conversation: The motivations and benefits of dopamine fasting resemble what many religions have been teaching since ancient times.

Pope Francis replaces conservative archbishop of Philadelphia*
New York Times: Pope Francis sought to shift the ideological balance of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States on Thursday, replacing one of his most prominent conservative critics as the archbishop of Philadelphia.

Sex is for married heterosexual couples only, says Church of England
The Guardian: Pastoral guidance also calls for Christians in gay or straight civil unions to be abstinent.

The Spark

America’s most powerful medical-debt collector
Treatment at a military hospital can leave you tens of thousands of dollars in debt -- and hounded* by the federal government, The Atlantic says.

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