Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Is schism the answer?
  • Signs of religion in DC
  • Unitarian service disrupted
  • What progressives don't get
  • Nursing home evangelism
  • Ivy league zombies

And they will know we are Christians by our loveSlate: The United Methodist Church is split on gays. But is schism the answer?

Church membership is drooping, but the US is still profoundly religiousNational Catholic Reporter: All you need do to see that there is still a place for religion in the U.S. is to wander the streets of Washington with your religious antennae working.

Anti-abortion group harasses Unitarian church during moment of silence for dead memberRaw Story: Anti-abortion activists disrupted the services of a Unitarian church Sunday while the congregation was honoring a member who had died.

What progressives fundamentally don't get about traditional ChristiansThe Week: They are unyielding on sexuality because it is inseparable from their understanding of God. And they're not going away.

Nursing home evangelism: Preaching at the last 'bus stop to eternity'Religion News Service: Welcome to the world of nursing home evangelism, where teams of lay evangelists target senior citizens for one last chance in this life for glory in the next.

The Spark

Don't send your kid to the Ivy LeagueYoung people who are admitted to the nation's most elite universities appear to be "winners in the race we have made of childhood," former Yale Professor William Deresiewicz writes at at the New Republic. But the reality is very different, he says. The nation's top colleges are turning our kids into zombies.

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