Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Why liberals win culture wars
  • Tip to spur donors
  • Pope's women comments
  • Due process & removing leaders
  • Prodigal King of the Serpents
  • Listen for the whisper

Do liberals always win? An interview with Stephen Prothero Religion & Politics: The culture wars are a recurring phenomenon in American history that are started on the right and won on the left, Stephen Prothero says.

How charities can persuade you to give moreWall Street Journal: A new academic paper highlights one way that charities may be able to spur donors to upgrade to recurring gifts.

Lost in translation? 7 reasons some women wince when Pope Francis starts talkingReligion News Service: When Pope Francis speaks about women, he can sound a lot like the (almost) 78-year-old Argentine churchman that he is, using analogies that sound alternately condescending and impolitic, even if well intentioned.

Removal of church leaders should involve due process of our own heartsNational Catholic Reporter: Protestant systems of accountability give people a say in how their churches are led but can also lead to a tendency to join or leave a congregation based on who is pastor.

Prodigal King of the SerpentsPacific Standard: The cautionary parable of a snake-handling preacher.

The Spark

Steven Spielberg: listen for the whisperA student recently asked Matt Emerson, a writer for America magazine, for advice about ways he might deal with his uncertainty. A few days later, Emerson stumbled on a speech by Steven Spielberg with some great advice for anyone who doesn't know what to do for the rest of their life.

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