Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Why theological education matters
  • Clergy's soft hand in Ferguson
  • James Foley's prayers
  • Teaching theology for profit
  • 25 years @ Wilshire Baptist
  • 'I document, therefore I am'

Converted at seminaryPresbyterian Today: McCormick Theological Seminary President Frank Yamada offers five top reasons theological education matters

How clergy in Ferguson succeeded where the police failed.Buzzfeed: Protests in the Missouri town became substantially more peaceful in their second week, when clergy showed up to be "the soft hand."

James Foley's prayers and the dark side of faithCNN Belief Blog: The contrast between the two religious paths -- one led a journalist to cover conflicts, the other a jihadist to create them -- is jarring.

Teaching theology... for profit?Marketplace: One for-profit university based in Savannah, Georgia, is venturing into new territory: offering theology degrees to aspiring clergy members.

Pastor marks 25 years in pulpit at Wilshire BaptistDallas Morning News: "We seem to be at a great moment in the church," says Dr. George Mason, who will celebrate his 25th anniversary as pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church this Sunday.

The Spark

Could Google Glass ruin your memory?If we document every moment of our lives, does that alter what "living a life" actually is? In an interview with Scientific American, MIT sociologist Sherry Turkle discusses her concerns about technology and its impact on human relationships. "I document, therefore I am."

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