Thursday's News & Ideas

  • MN archbishop not resigning
  • Charles Marsh on Bonhoeffer
  • Mars Hill protest
  • UMC group statement
  • Bible problem
  • Las Patronas

Twin Cities Archbishop Nienstedt vows to 'continue serving as I have been called to do'National Catholic Reporter: Apologizing "for the distractions I have inadvertently caused," Archbishop John Nienstedt plans to lead his archdiocese through its current clergy abuse scandal -- with no intention of resigning.

The Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: An interview with Charles MarshReligion & Politics: An interview with Charles Marsh about his comprehensive new biography, Strange Glory: A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Mars Hill: Dissenters plan protest, release vulgar Driscoll rantSeattle Post-Intelligencier: Former members of the Mars Hill Church plan to protest outside the mega-church's Bellevue campus on Sunday morning, and deliver a message to its embattled senior minister, Mark Driscoll.

Group to bishops: Enforce rules on homosexualityUnited Methodist News Service: More than 100 pastors and laypeople have issued a statement saying United Methodist bishops must enforce and publicly support church law restrictions against same-sex marriage if the denomination is to hold together.

The problem with the BibleDaily Episcopalian: The Bible isn't about showing how things should be, but about how things really are.

The Spark

Las Patronas: The Mexican women helping migrantsNineteen years ago, the Romero Vazquez sisters were standing at the side of the railway tracks with their grocery bags, waiting to cross, the BBC reports. Little did they know that the approaching train would change their lives.

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