Thursday's News & Ideas

  • World Vision: never mind
  • Franklin Graham: Speaking out like dad
  • Mars Hill pushback
  • Virginia Anglican-Baptist church
  • Noah director on the Bible
  • Dance tips for men

World Vision retracts decision to hire married gaysSeattle Times: In a stunning reversal, World Vision has rescinded an employment policy it announced just two days ago to hire Christians in same-sex marriages.Christianity Today: World Vision reverses decision to hire Christians in same-sex marriages

Franklin Graham: I'm speaking out like my father didCharlotte Observer: Franklin Graham claims he's only saying what his father would say if Billy Graham, now 95, were a younger man.

Ex-worship leader: Make Driscoll, Mars Hill leaders see 'red'Seattle Post-Intelligencier: A former worship leader and musician is urging congregation to deliver a message to pastor and church leaders by cutting back donations, reducing volunteer work and leaving chairs empty at worship services.

Virginia church may look Anglican, but it's fully BaptistAssociated Baptist Press: All Souls Charlottesville, a growing Virginia Baptist church plant, looks Anglican in worship but is true to its Baptist roots.

The 'Terror' of Noah: How Darren Aronofsky interprets the BibleThe Atlantic: The controversial director talks about his lifelong fascination with Noah's ark and why it's the messages of biblical stories -- not the historical details -- that matter.

The Spark

What women want on the dance floor, according to scienceA group of evolutionary biologists looked at the science of bump and grind, and say they have figured out exactly which dance movements catch a woman's eye, the Washington Post reports. For male dancers, hips don't lie and arms don't matter .

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