Thursday's News & Ideas

  • When Democrats run Faith-Based Initiatives
  • At least Obama can admit when he screws up
  • Schuller feud

Vatican turnaround: Holocaust denier must recantAssociated Press: Vatican makes a dramatic turnaround, demanding that bishop who denied the Holocaust recant.

Obama's screw upWashington Post: The hardest part of “screwing up” is recognizing it, says Susan Thistlethwaite.

Faith-based program gets wider focusWall Street Journal: President Obama’s revamped faith-based initiative will have an expanded mission and try to avoid the thorniest constitutional issues.

Televangelism empire in chaos over family splitAssociated Press: The Rev. Robert Schuller’s carefully orchestrated leadership transition plan has stumbled badly.

The Spark

Exclusive First Listen: Helene Grimaud

French-born pianist Hélène Grimaud is one of those pianists who start each day with Bach, but she's waited to document her playing on a recording. “Bach's music goes straight to the very core of the human soul,” Grimaud says in an interview with National Public Radio. “Playing Bach allows you to mark your spiritual growth, as well as your technical growth as an instrumentalist.” At age 39, Grimaud is about to release her first Bach recording, simply titled “Bach.” You can hear the entire new album at NPR before its Feb. 10 release.