Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Mormon dissenters movement
  • Canterbury to force women bishops
  • Reaching millennials Q&A
  • Catholic schools struggling
  • Pope's high five
  • Smart toothbrush

After Kelly's excommunication, Mormon dissenters push for disciplinary hearingsWashington Post: A small movement of dissenters is pushing the question of how modern Mormonism will deal with increasing public debate.Salt Lake Tribune: After Mormon excommunication, Kate Kelly hurting but 'joyful'

Church of England women bishops: archbishops will overrule synodThe (London) Guardian: The archbishop of Canterbury plans to force legislation through if the General Synod does not accept female bishops.

It takes more than a swank coffee shop to reach millennialsChristianity Today: Journalist-author Naomi Schaefer Riley sorts out what will draw young adults back to the faith.

Catholic schools fight to keep doors open as future dimsReligion News Service: Catholic schools across the state and country are struggling.

Pope Francis meets US televangelists, and the first-ever 'papal high-five' followsReligion News Service: The gesture came during a three-hour meeting of Pope Francis and Texas televangelists Kenneth Copeland and James Robison.

The Spark

My toothbrush is smarter than yoursNot even the centuries-old toothbrush is safe from smartphone connectivity, the Wall Street Journal reports. Starting at $160, the new Oral-B SmartSeries Bluetooth toothbrushbrush pairs with your iPhone or Android phone to coach you through your brushing regimen.

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