Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Driscoll quits
  • Vatican: Cool down
  • Southern Seminary's Wisc. campus
  • 4 steps to bishop
  • Minivan rabbi of Mississippi
  • Whale savers

Mars Hill Church reeling as Pastor Mark Driscoll quitsSeattle Times: Now that Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll has resigned -- amid allegations of bullying and domineering behavior -- the church is in disarray and selling some of its properties.

US archbishop urges both sides to cool down at VaticanReligion News Service: After two days of fighting between happy liberals and angry conservatives, the Vatican dispatched a leading U.S. moderate to tell both sides to temper their expectations about impending changes in church doctrine.National Catholic Reporter: The greatest non-story ever told?

Wisconsin campus gifted to Southern SeminaryBaptist Press: Trustees of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary have accepted the gift of a Christian university campus in Wisconsin as a new extension campus of the seminary and its undergraduate college.

Four easy steps to take to become a bishopNational Catholic Reporter: What has been valued in the appointment of bishops over the last 40 years? Obedience, institutional conformity and a lack of pastoral experience help.

The minivan rabbi of MississippiJewish Daily Forward: Jeremy Simons rolls across deep South to 110 congregations.

The Spark

The whale saversThe north Atlantic right whale, once grimly hunted by man, is now an ironic gauge of both humanity's conscience and of the health of the oceans, the Christian Science Monitor reports. While volunteers work to save it on moral grounds, scientists see the difficulties in restoring the right whale as a warning of the decline of the world's seas and a signal of the possible fate of other species.

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