Thursday's News & Ideas - 2/18/2021

  • Texas churches offer refuge
  • Limbaugh dies
  • LA pastor on vaccines
  • Seeing the world as a poet
  • Gender differences in ‘nones’
  • Age of advice

When I had no heat, you welcomed me: Texas churches offer refuge
Christianity Today: With freezes knocking out power across the state, ministry networks rally to help.

Rush Limbaugh, who shaped conservative Christian politics on the radio, has died
Religion News Service: The radio show host -- along with other media voices -- appealed to Christian conservatives and often had more influence on the politics of evangelicals than their pastors.

Black people still aren’t getting COVID vaccines. This pastor isn’t having it*
The Los Angeles Times: On Sunday morning, days after his vaccination, Noel Jones stood behind the pulpit as usual, staring into a camera and searching for a way to get through to his most obstinate congregants watching on their screens.

This Lent, I want to learn to see the world like a poet*
Christian Century: Choosing Michele Madigan Somerville’s Glamourous Life as a Lenten companion.

Faith in numbers: Behind the gender difference of nonreligious Americans
The Conversation: Social scientists are only beginning to explore the demographic factors that drive individuals who no longer feel attached to a religious tradition.

The Spark

The age of peak advice
You can get life tips* from a greater diversity of voices than ever before, but what are we really searching for? The New Yorker asks.

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