Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Seminary graduates' record debt
  • Good Book still a God book?
  • Twitter nun
  • BCP still a big deal
  • Indiana miracle
  • Story of the ashes

Seminary graduates in record debt, study findsChristian Post: A large number of seminary graduates are dealing with overwhelming debt upon graduation, according to a new study.

Bible study: More people say the Good Book isn't a God bookReligion News Service: Bible films may be raking it in at the box office, but fewer people are reading the original and taking it seriously.

The nun who got addicted to TwitterThe Atlantic: Can evangelization work on social media?

The Book of Common Prayer is still a big dealChristianity Today: Alan Jacobs explains why the nearly 500-year-old Anglican prayer book retains its influence, and why it should appeal even to (non-Anglican) evangelicals.

Faithful flocking to Indiana church to view 'miracle'WGNTV: In Griffith Indiana, the faithful are coming to view a statute of the Virgin Mary at St. Mary's Church, that some say has them believing more than ever in their faith.

The Spark

A resolution at last for a father's unsettling legacyIn 2012, feeling his mortality after two heart attacks, Joseph Corsbie realized that the moment had come to tell the story of the ashes, The New York Times reports. He had first heard it 30 years earlier from his father, Walter, keeping his promise to never forget .

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